PermaBurn - Leave a Trace
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PermaBurn is 640 private and secluded acres of land that is completely managed by its own members. It’s a place designed specifically with burners in mind. A place where you can create, live, and breath the Burning Man lifestyle all year round.

We give you the blank canvas and you add the theme camps, shade structures, installations, mutant vehicle workshops, monstrous art monuments, gardens or whatever else you can dream up.

PermaBurn is where you can see your visions become reality – and not just for a week. Come and go as you please, steadily building and adding to your manifestations as you go, with no impermanence and no threat of having to pull it down or burn it at the end of a week.

PermaBurn is only 120 miles from Gerlach, making it an ideal place to store all your camp equipment for the rest of the year. Knowing that its all ready to be easily transported straight to the burn, whenever you need it.

PermaBurn takes all the best parts of Burning Man : the fun, the experience, the interaction. and removes the not-so-good parts: the impermanence, the rules, the dust, and the exodus….
leaving you feeling free to let your imagination run wild.